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Bio-energetic integration

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Balance for gut health

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Sound Healing

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About Anna Prinsloo

Anna qualified as a physiotherapist in 2002 from UCT. Since then she has continued to study various philosophies and approaches to health care. Anna is a certified orthopaedic manual therapist and sports physiotherapist. She has served on the committee for the Western Cape Sports Physiotherapy Group and has assisted with under-graduate and post-graduate training of physiotherapists. She has also studied various techniques of myofascial release, wedging (for shoes), dry needling, Dorn spinal alignment, Touch for Health, manual bodywork and inner process work. Anna has a certification in non-medical hypnosis and she has completed a two year international certification in metaphysical healing.

Anna incorporates the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach in her practice, working directly with the meridian systems and acupressure points to balance the flow of chi in the body. She uses kinesiology (muscle testing) as a tool to tap into the innate intelligence of the bio-energetic system. This ensures the work done is prioritized and maximally effective. She also uses this approach in the field of integrative neurogastroenterology in order to assist in balancing the gut microbiota and re-establishing gut health.

Anna Prinsloo is a practicing sound healer. She facilitates one-on-one sound healing sessions, as well as group sound ceremonies. Her work with sound healing is very expansive and includes sacred sound for wedding ceremonies, memorials, rites of passage, house clearings/blessings and earth work. She has taught sound healing classes, provides one-on-one mentorship and gives talks on sound healing.

Honours and awards

Distinction for Certificate in Energy Healing (School of Intuition and Healing) 2013

Magna Cum Laude with distinction for the degree and distinction in Movement Sciences (BSc Honours Physiotherapy UCT) 2002

Paget Physiotherapy Shield for the student achieving the highest academic standard during all four years of study 2002

Johannes Karl Binnewald Trophy for the top student – BSC Physiotherapy 2002

Applied Physiotherapy Class Medal 2002

Two Oceans Marathon Award awarded to the top student during 2nd and 3rd year clinical practice 2001

Chris Rodseth Shield for the best 3rd year physiotherapy student 2001

Movement Science Class Medal 2001

Applied Physiotherapy Class Medal 2001

Psychiatry Class Medal 2001

Ione Sellars Memorial Prize for the highest mark for Anatomy for all Allied Health Sciences 2000

Physiology Class Medal 2000

Physiology Practical Class Medal 2000

Anatomy for Physiotherapy Class Medal 2000

Movement Science 2nd Year Class Medal 2000

Golden Key National Honour Society(University of Cape Town) in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement and excellence 2000