Sound journeys

Upcoming sound journeys

Please contact Anna for upcoming dates.

Sound is a carrier of consciousness. Intention and sound create magic.

A sound journey is an opportunity to allow the potency of ‘consciously created’ sound to usher you in to a deeper state of awareness, through which you are able to access deep insight and a state of well-being. The sound, combined with your intention, is deeply transformative and enables profound energetic shifts within your being. The journey will begin with brief introductory talk on sound therapy. After the talk you are invited to lie down and make yourself comfortable. You are then bathed in a field of harmonic vibrations while you experience your own inner journey. We will harness the power of intention and the potency of group energy to facilitate this process. Even though your journey is uniquely personal, the energy of a group acts as a catalyst to empower your process.

Anna works with her voice, quartz crystal singing bowls, a gong, a flute, a medicine drum, and a variety of other instruments to create a soundscape for your journey.

Private sound journeys

You are welcome to book a private sound journey for a group of your choice. Anna works from a beautiful private studio in Noordhoek that can accommodate up to 20 people. This space is ideal for sound healing work. Alternatively the ceremony may be at a venue of your choice, provided the environment and acoustics are suitable. Please CONTACT ANNA for availability and rates.

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