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Anna focuses on a holistic paradigm of restoring health and well-being. Physical, physiological, emotional, mental and energetic facets of health all need to be taken into consideration. An awareness of these components is vital for the accurate identification and treatment of the core issue, as opposed to simply treating the symptoms. It is a well-known fact that thoughts, stress and emotions have a direct effect on the physiological functions of the body, including endocrine function, immune function, pain perception and neurological function. Often the onset of auto-immune dysfunction and various other ‘syndromes’ is precipitated by a period of high stress. This stress could be physical, emotional or mental. These components are inter-related, therefore any imbalance in one aspect of health will affect the others. Healing on all levels naturally takes place when there is sufficient energy available for recuperation and any obstacles to this process have been identified and addressed.

In reality the physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects of health cannot be clearly separated. Even though a session may be focused on a specific aspect, the balance will occur on all levels. A postural balance for sports performance may allow energy to be utilized more efficiently and result in significant changes in energy levels. A balance for gut dysbiosis may result in altered levels of neurotransmitters in the body, altered emotional wellbeing and improved cognitive function. A balance to neutralize a strong emotional trigger may shift physical sensations and hormone levels in the body. Releasing subconscious stress responses to a specific challenge may result in a change in stress hormones in the body and improved sleep patterns.

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