Approach to Health Care

It is time for health care to evolve. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and the body is not just a construct of mechanical parts that can be treated separately without consideration for the whole being. The whole being also includes subconscious reactions, triggers and stress responses that not only impact our physiology, but also drive our behaviours and emotional reactions.

The human system is complex and multidimensional, involving physiological homeostatic processes, electromagnetic fields, electrical circuits and neurological processes. Any dysfunction involves multiple, inter-related factors. Symptoms are an overt expression (not the cause) of an imbalance within the system. Treatment aimed solely at alleviating the symptoms does not address the underlying cause of the dysfunction. Physiological processes within the body are influenced by our thoughts, emotions, nutrition, stress levels and past experiences. Conversely, our emotional and mental states directly impact our physiology. Current pain research shows that the amount of pain someone experiences is not directly proportional to the amount of tissue damage, but rather the result of complex processing in the brain, including areas of the brain related to fear, past experiences and subconscious emotional triggers.

It is clear that effective treatment of any dysfunction needs to take all of these factors into account and be directed toward the root cause of the imbalance. Anna incorporates both western and eastern approaches to health care in her practice. She blends her knowledge of anatomy and physiology with an awareness of the energetic and electromagnetic systems of the body. She works with both the chakra-nadi system of ancient India and the meridian/organ system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She uses muscle biofeedback (monitoring) as a tool to identify imbalances and subconscious stress within the bio-energetic system. Muscle monitoring has a rigorous neurophysiological basis. This ensures the work done is prioritized and maximally effective. Healing on all levels naturally takes place when there is sufficient energy available for recuperation and any obstacles to this process have been identified and addressed.

A structural balance may release energy previously held in tense muscles and result in greater energy available for other physiological functions. A balance for gut dysbiosis may result in altered levels of neurotransmitters and an improved sense of emotional well-being and mental clarity. A balance to neutralize a strong emotional trigger may alter the fight/flight response, thereby altering immune and endocrine function.

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