‘Energetic Kinesiology is a powerful healing modality that combines ancient eastern energetic healing arts with western physiological healing sciences. The main tool used in Energetic Kinesiology is muscle biofeedback, which makes subconscious stresses and imbalances within the body observable.’
Energetic Kinesiology Principles and Practice, Charles Krebs, PhD

The human system is an evolutionary masterpiece. Our neurological system is like a super computer which is constantly processing input from within the body and from the environment, and generating output to maintain homeostasis and modify our behaviour. Certain areas in the brain are responsible for conscious processing and decision making, while other areas are related to subconscious survival responses, emotional reactions and instinctual behaviours. Our past experiences are all stored in this amazingly complex supercomputer, especially if there was a very strong emotional charge related to the experience. The brain makes associations between trauma and any specific stimuli that were present at the time of trauma. Later on in life, these stimuli can subconsciously trigger stress responses. When faced with a challenge the brain will reference past experiences and respond in a similar way, which is why we tend to repeat old patterns. This leads to significant conflict between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Consciously we may be aware that our response is not appropriate; however these stress responses are being processed on a subconscious level.

Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to ‘rewire’ itself and form new neural connections. This continues throughout life. The neural system is highly adaptable, which enables us to learn and evolve. The process during a kinesiology balance is akin to ‘uninstalling obsolete programs’ and ‘installing updated software’ to allow the system to run optimally. Muscle biofeedback allows us to monitor neurological responses and identify stress within the system. It is possible to defuse triggers (stress responses), and provide the system with ‘new options’ to respond appropriately when faced with a challenge.

Kinesiology also works with the three primary energy systems within the body – the chakra nadi system of ancient India, the acupuncture meridian system of Traditional Chinese medicine, and the Tibetan figure eight energy flows. Chakras are electromagnetic vortices corresponding to major nerve plexuses. Nadis distribute energy from the chakras throughout the system, especially to the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine glands. Meridians are vessels that circulate subtle energy throughout the body. Each meridian is associated with a specific organ and function. Along the meridians are a series of superficial acupuncture points. These points have unique electrical properties, as well as differences in the cell structure of the underlying skin tissue in comparison to the surrounding skin. Energy flow can become blocked in any of these systems resulting in imbalance and dysfunction. Initially the body is able to compensate for these imbalances and therefore we may not be aware of an issue. Compensations require a large energy expenditure which cannot continue indefinitely. With time the system begins to collapse and we start to experience overt symptoms. Muscle biofeedback can identify these energy blockages and verify which technique will restore energy flow within the system. Once the energy flow has been restored, the body’s natural healing processes can occur.

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