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Sound Healing

About sound healing

Anna Prinsloo works with her voice (vocal harmonics), quartz crystal singing bowls, a medicine drum, a rattle, a didgeridoo and various other instruments during a sound healing session. Sound has been used since antiquity as a tool for healing in various shamanic practices around the world. The benefits of sound and music for healing have also been well researched in the modern era. Anna combines sound vibrations and light touch on the body during these healing sessions to bring harmony and balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Sound healing sessions are in a beautiful private studio in a quiet corner of Noordhoek so you can receive optimal benefits of the treatment. If you would like to book a sound healing session with the instruments please contact Anna directly to book an appointment. Anna does incorporate vocal sound work into her bio-energetic healing sessions. These sessions are available in Constantia.

What is sound?

When something vibrates it creates a wave of energy that moves outward like the ripples from a stone thrown into a pond. Anything that vibrates causes a sound wave. Everything in the cosmos is in a constant state of motion, thus everything is constantly ‘singing’. We literally exist in an ocean of sound.

What is health?

The tissues, organs and chakras each have a unique resonance. Resonance is the natural rate of vibration. When all the organs and systems are vibrating at their natural frequency, the entire body and bio-energetic system is operating in harmony and synchrony. All of the physiological processes are in balance. Imagine an orchestra playing a symphony in harmony. There exists cohesiveness and communication.

What is dis-ease?

Stress, trauma and other environmental factors can alter the natural rate of vibration of the tissues, organs or anywhere within the bio-energetic field. The affected area is then vibrating at a rate that does not allow it to operate optimally. It is not in balance with the rest of the system. There is a lack of communication and the physiological processes are no longer in balance. Imagine an orchestra playing a symphony in which the string section is out of tune.

How does sound heal?

A sound wave is a wave of energy that has the ability to influence everything that it moves through, including tissues, organs, chakras and the bio-energetic field. Sound healing is a very effective and non-invasive way to restore the natural frequencies within the body and the bio-energetic field.


One of the fundamental principles of sound healing is a phenomenon called entrainment. When two metronomes swinging at different rates are put in close proximity they will eventually entrain and start to swing at the same rate. The weaker and less coherent frequency (rate of vibration) will start to align with the more naturally coherent frequency.

An example of entrainment in healing:

  • A cell usually vibrates at x (numbers of vibration per second)
  • Due to stress this cell is now vibrating at y (numbers of vibration per second)
  • When the cell is exposed to a sound wave that has the frequency of x (numbers of vibration per second) it will naturally begin to vibrate at x (numbers of vibration per second). The cell has the innate capacity to recognize it’s natural vibration which is x.

This phenomenon is applicable to the chakras, subtle energy bodies, mental and emotional states as well.

Clearing blocked energy

Often emotions are held within the bio-energetic system instead of being appropriately expressed. These emotions carry a specific vibration. This is sometime referred to as ‘emotional charge’. When this energy is trapped for an extended period of time it will upset the balance and cause the manifestation of various signs and symptoms. These symptoms could be physical, mental, emotional or behavioural. Sound waves have the capacity to clear this blocked energy held within the bio-energetic system. Imagine an opera singer singing a note that causes a glass to shatter. In this way the blockages of energy are broken up and released.

Altering brain wave patterns and physiological responses

Research has documented the capacity for sound to alter the brain waves patterns and thus facilitate deep states of relaxation. Deep relaxation has a profound impact on the nervous system and the body’s innate healing capacity is activated. During deep relaxation it is possible to access deeper levels of consciousness and recall memories usually inaccessible in the waking state.

Research has also documented the capacity for sound to influence all of the physiological systems of the body, such as the:

  • Immune system
  • Endocrine system and the metabolism
  • Cardiovascular system, blood pressure and heart rate
  • Respiratory system (breath rate)

Sound has also been documented to have profound effects on mood and mental states by stimulating the release of endorphins which are natural ‘feel good’ substances

Sound and the subtle energy body

Any current of energy creates a magnetic field. Every nerve impulse in the body is a current of energy and has a resultant magnetic field. The human body has many nerves continuously sending electrical impulses throughout. The cumulative effect is a magnetic field around the entire body. Chakras are vortices of energy along the spine which correspond with major nerve plexuses.

Quantum physics states that everything is in a constant state of vibration, and that matter is not actually solid. The Universe is an ocean of energy often referred to as ‘the field’. Everything in the universe is comprised of this energy. The rate of vibration will determine how dense or solid an object may appear. A chair is made up of tiny packets of energy called quarks that make up the electrons, neutrons and protons. These electrons, neutrons and protons then make up molecules. Each molecule will be different depending on the rate of vibration.

Our physical body is the vibrating at a frequency that is relatively slow. Thus the particles are closer together and it appears solid. The subtle energy body is vibrating at a much higher frequency and is far less dense. The human eye is not capable of perceiving this rate of vibration however it can be captured by means of Kirlian photography. We only see a small portion of our true ‘body’ however the rest, even though not visible to the human eye, certainly does exist and plays a vital role in our health and well-being.

The subtle energy body, known as the aura, and the chakras can be impacted by trauma (physical, emotional or psychological), stress, abuse or various environmental influences. Sound can restore the natural vibration of both the aura and the chakras.

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