Bio-energetic Integration

Every thought, emotion and experience you have ever had is recorded in your bio-energetic system. As children we adopt certain defense patterns in response to trauma or in order to cope with challenges and feel safe. Belief systems and behaviours are also inherited from our parents and other significant authority figures in our lives. Many of these responses, behaviours and beliefs are subconsciously activated when faced with a challenge or a perceived threat. This is referred to as a ‘trigger’. When faced with a challenge the brain will often reference a past experience related to a similar challenge. This is why we tend to repeat old patterns. This leads to significant conflict between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Consciously we may be aware that the response is not appropriate however we feel triggered nevertheless and often feel powerless to move beyond the old pattern.

Fortunately our neurological system is like a super computer. It is highly adaptable and will integrate the most effective and beneficial ‘neurological option’ when given the opportunity. It is possible to defuse strong emotional triggers, alter responses and change belief systems by working directly with the neurological and the bio-energetic system. This process is akin to ‘uninstalling an old program’ and ‘installing updated software’ to allow the system to run more harmoniously and effectively. Kinesiology (muscle testing) is an extremely valuable tool in this process as it allows us to monitor neurological responses and work directly with the innate intelligence of the system. There are many techniques to defuse triggers and provide the system with a ‘new option’ of how to respond appropriately when faced with a challenge. These techniques work directly with neurological responses and the bio-energetic system. They are gentle, non-invasive and effective. Although certain issues/themes/beliefs may be brought into the consciousness of the client for greater clarity and understanding of underlying processes, the techniques do not require you to ‘relive the trauma’ and do not involve in depth cognitive processing.

Another aspect of the bio-energetic system is the electromagnetism of the body. In physics the rule of thumb states that whenever electricity flows an electromagnetic field is created. The chakras in the Vedic System of Medicine are simply areas with strong electromagnetic fields which correspond to major nerve plexuses in the body The auric field is another term for the toroidal field created around the body due to polarity. Distortions in these fields can be created through imbalances of the flow of energy through the system, internal stress and external stress (such as environmental factors). A healthy flow of energy within the bio-energetic system is vital for health on all levels.

About kinesiology

Kinesiology (muscle testing) is a verification tool that monitors neurological responses in the body. There are many different protocols and procedures which use kinesiology in this way. Touch for Health is a modality which uses the Traditional Chinese Model of the 5 Elements, meridian systems, various acupressure points, neuroreflexive points, colour, sound, emotional stress release, muscle recruitment and postural balance techniques to align oneself with a specific goal. There are many other branches of kinesiology that have a slightly different emphasis (physical, mental, emotional or energetic) and employ different techniques for balancing and recuperation.

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